Mar 21

San Diego Imperial Swimming is pleased to announce that beginning March 23nd, 2018, we are moving to a virtual office.   As part of this transition, we will have a new postal address:

San Diego Imperial Swimming
PO Box 1347
Fallbrook CA 92088

And the new phone number (760)-525-3748

Our email address will remain the same:

Additionally, Mary Redmond will now be our Registration Chair effective March 23rd and has primary responsibility for all registrations and meet sanctions.   With her years of experience in SI, we are very fortunate to have her take on this role.   
All information will be updated on the website on Friday and the teams are being sent more detailed information about the changes in our registration process that are occurring with this transition.   If you have any questions, please send an email or call.

written by Kevin Lee

Aug 06

Please like the San Diego-Imperial Swimming facebook page, located here: It can also be accessed via the link on our website, next to the USA Swimming link. All posts on the website should be duplicated there as well.

written by Kevin Lee

Jan 12

Sort of, at least.  For those of you who noticed our SI website had been replaced by a page describing an “Internal Server Error”, we apologize for the downtime.  Our website was the victim of a malware attack which displayed an advertisement for an ED drug at the top of our webpage – but only for you using an Internet Explorer web browser.  It turned out the malware was hidden throughout our website in multiple pages and files.  In any event, I had to take down the website and rebuild it from a backup copy.

Almost everything has been restored to the way it was before the malware struck, but some minor changes to the way the website looks still remain and some links still need to be fixed.  Hopefully things will get back to normal by the end of the week!

written by docbailey

Feb 03

SDI Swimming now has its own Twitter page!  In theory, if you follow us on our Twitter account: @sdiswim –  you will receive a notification every time our website publishes something new or updates an existing page.  Please let us know how this works for you!

written by docbailey

Dec 07

RSD Swimmer Annie Driscoll and her coach, Joe Benjamin, are featured in the “Navy SEALs Hardcore Moment” of the month on the USA Swimming website.  Learn how Annie saved a swimmer from drowning due to shallow water blackout, and then went on to swim a personal best in the 800M free.

written by docbailey

Oct 17

Meet Mobile

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or other IOS-enabled device, you can now get SI Swimming meet results via “Meet Mobile“, a free application available from the Apple app store.  The results of the recent RSD ABC meet are the first local meet to be published via this method.  Please let us know what you think!

written by docbailey

Nov 10

Our San Diego-Imperial Swimming website ( has spent much of the afternoon migrating to a new web server on a new web host.  Why the move?  We found a better deal (more space, unlimited email accounts, and much less expensive).  At this point, most of our files have been transferred and it looks like the new site is up and running. However, it is possible some files will not be available for downloading until late tonight or possibly tomorrow. If you run into a broken link or a can’t find something which used to be available, please let your webmaster know.

written by docbailey

Aug 23

It’s time for everyone to take a small break from swimming and recharge their mental and physical batteries.  For the next few weeks your webmaster will be on vacation and definitely NOT checking his email or this website, so don’t be surprised if nothing new is posted until late September.

written by docbailey

Apr 19 is now!

San Diego-Imperial Swimming announced today that it will be changing its website address and email address beginning Tuesday 20 April.  The change will be small – only the last 3 letters of the website address (technically known as the top-level domain) will be changing – from to  According to an SI Swimming representative, the change ” will allow us to better reflect the non-profit status of our LSC, and place us in alignment with our parent organization, USA Swimming (

Of immediate importance to those trying to contact the SI Swim Office by email, a new email address is in place:

Because the old .com website address and office email have been so widely circulated and linked to by our members, the .com address will continue to link to the new website and the old email address will continue to be monitored – at least for the next 30 days.

written by docbailey

Mar 09

If you are a high school swimmer in season, you must enter your club affiliation as unattached when you enter a San Diego-Imperial Swimming/USA Swimming meet (except for national and sectional championships). It is your responsibility to be sure that this is done.  For more High School swimming information, please see our High School Swimming page.

written by docbailey

Jan 29

As some of you noticed, the SI Swimming website was offline yesterday as users were inexplicably forwarded to another search website.  A malicious hacker had gotten into the website and changed some of the website code.  The website has been restored from a backup copy and additional safeguards against unauthorized intrusion are now in place. As a result, users who had previously registered with this website will now need to login with a new password.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

written by docbailey

Jan 05

The Travel Reimbursement Form and related Code of Conduct Form are now available on the “Forms” page, available from the top menu of our “Admin” page.

written by docbailey

Nov 04

In case you hadn’t noticed, SI Swimming is in the process of updating the look of our website. As of this post, about 70% of the old website has been converted to the new structure.  The previous version of the SI website hadn’t really been changed in the past 4 years – which is almost forever in online world! In addition to changing the look of the site, we have changed the underlying software architecture to improve the performance and give all our users a more consistent experience. With so many changes being made to the website code, there are bound to be somethings we miss, forget or just plain foul up. If you find something in the site which looks strange or could be improved, please don’t hesitate to let the webmaster know by submitting a comment!

written by docbailey