Aug 01

Update:  The Wavehouse Swim Team will be having a memorial for Don today (August 1) beginning at 4pm, at the City Heights Recreation Center.


The San Diego Imperial swimming community lost one of its own on Thursday, July 27th.  Don Watkinds, head coach of the Wavehouse Swim Team, president of the San Diego Imperial Coaches Association, member of the San Diego Imperial Board of Directors and Disability Chair.  Some more background on Don can be found in this SwimSwam article.

When we receive information regarding Don’s memorial service, we will be posting on the website.

In lieu of cards and flowers, it has been requested to make donations to the Challenged Athletes Foundation

written by Kevin Lee

Sep 06

SI Swimming is proud to have 2 female youth groups tackling the Catalina Channel.  The 20-mile Catalina Channel swim starts from Catalina Island and finishes at Rancho Palos Verdes.  Both groups will start at midnight to avoid the blustery afternoon winds.  Currents are unpredictable and can be swift along with temperature fluctuations as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  These 2 groups follow on the successful swim last year of the Dream Team, a group of 14 year old Heartland swimmers who set the record for the youngest all girls relay team.  The Heartland team was comprised of Taylor Christensen, Phoebe Dillard, Madison Necochea, Ruby Carlon, Erin Kathleen Harvey and Kendall Christensen.

The Castaway’s team relay will start at midnight Saturday September 5th and finish Sunday September 6th.  Consisting of CAST swimmers Sydney, Liana, Gilly, Maegan, Maddy and Natalie Bautista, this group is raising money for Swim Across America.  Their fundraising site can be found here:

The Ocean’s Seven team relay will start at midnight Saturday September 12th and finish Sunday September 13th.  Consisting of NCA swimmers Anna Brooker, Erin Taggart, Mia Thomas, Mia Ryan, Lindsay Turner, Heloise Leblanc and Tegan Preston, this group is raising money for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts.  Their fundraising site can be found here:

Also starting on Sunday September 6th, RSD coach Grace van der Byl is one of 6 team members swimming a 300 mile relay in San Francisco Bay attempting to break the world record for the longest relay swim EVER.  In the process, they hope to raise $50,000 to enable Arthur Renowitzky to walk agin by outfitting him with an exoskeleton REWALK suit.  You can read more about Arthur here:

Best of luck to all of our San Diego athletes and coach as they challenge themselves in the open water, focusing on raising money for great causes.

written by docbailey