Jul 04

The deadline for the SI IMX programs is coming up on July 15!  This deadline is particularly important for the scholarship program as the application needs to be submitted by July 15th.  Please read below for more details on both programs.

NEW SI IMX Scholarship Program:

SI is pleased to announce our new SI IMX Scholarship Program.   All high school students graduating in 2017 or 2018 are eligible for up to $300.  The final value of scholarship for the swimmer is dependent on the number of IMX scores that have been achieved since the start of seventh grade.

All applications must be received by July 15th.   The specific eligibility criteria and process to submit is listed in Final Communication IMX Programs 2017.  Application is available here: IMX Scholarship Form Final.  Questions can be directed to Sally Taggart (sbtaggart@hotmail.com).

NEW Age Group IMX Recognition Program:

We are delighted to announce our new 12&U IMX age group recognition program.  All 12&U SI swimmers that achieve an IMX score during the 2016 – 2017 swim season by July 15th will automatically be entered into a drawing for a LSC sponsored party for their workout group.   We will select a 10&U girl, 10&U boy, 11&12 girl, and 11&12 boy and announce the winners at our long course JO.

Events that must be swum to achieve an IMX score are as follows:

9 & Under; 10-year olds: 200 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 200 IM

11-year olds; 12-year olds: 400 Free (LC) or 500 Free (SC), 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 200 IM

Additional Information about the USA swimming IMX (extreme) program can be found:   https://www.usaswimming.org/Times/IMX-IMR

(Note:  The SI Board of Directors has approved this program for both the 2016/ 2017 and 2017 / 2018 swim season)

written by Kevin Lee

Jun 26

The San Diego Padres have announced that they will once again offer the opportunity for local swimmers, coaches, and their families to attend the annual Swim Night at Petco Park on Saturday, July 15th.  The baseball game will feature the San Diego Padres vs. the San Francisco Giants, starting at 5:40 pm.  All swimmers who register as a team will be able to walk out onto the warning track prior to the game while the camera will pan from one end to the other, showing all of the swimmers up on the big screen!  Swimmers will also receive a commemorative Padres swim cap, and there will be a postgame fireworks show as well.  Click on the link to get the flyer and all the details.

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Jun 12
  • San Diego Imperial Swimming will be selecting two All-Star teams this summer.
  • The first will be the 14 and under Western Zone Team that will be competing in Roseville California August 9-12.
  • To be considered for selection on the team swimmers must have achieved at least two of the 2017 Western Zone time standards; those who have achieved at least five standards will automatically be selected to the team as long as they have turned in their application by Saturday July 29.
  • There will be a max of 48 swimmers selected for the team. The 13-14 year old swimmers will travel as a team. The 11-12 year old swimmers will have the option to travel with the team or with their families. All 10 and under swimmers will travel with their families. The cost will be $700 for those swimmers who are traveling with the team.
  • Those swimmers who travel with their families will be eligible for a stipend of up to $600 dollars.
  • The second team that is being selected will participate in the North American Challenge Cup; NACC.
  • The meet will be held at UCSD August 4-6. This will be prelims and finals meet with All-star teams from Southern California and Mexico.
  • The cost will be about $250 per swimmer. The meet will be only 11-18 year old swimmers. The time standard for the 11-14 will be that the swimmers will need to have at least one 2017 Western Zone time standard.
  • For the 15-18 year olds they will have to achieve the time standards below to apply. There will be eight (8) swimmers selected for each age group. Swimmers who make the team will be staying as a team at UCSD dorms with meals being provided.
Girls15-18 LCMBoys
29.4950 FREE26.72
1:03.54100 FREE58.10
2:17:60200 FREE2:07.10
4:53.32400 FREE4:36.79
10:19.73800 FREE9:39.99
20:04.821500 FREE18:53.54
1:14.53100 BACK1:09.78
2:43.43200 BACK2:32.15
1:25.42100 BREAST1:19.09
3:05.91200 BREAST2:56.21
1:10.07100 FLY1:04.53
2:48.78200 FLY2:39.77
2:37.20200 IM2:25.12
5:46.98400 IM5:24.61
  • It is the intent of San Diego Imperial Swimming to first fill the Zone All-star team with eligible swimmers that are 14 and under. Those swimmers who do not make the Zone team will then be selected for the NACC meet.  For the 15-18 year old swimmers, the intent is to select the best team from those swimmers who apply for the team.
  • Applications for both teams will be available on the SI website by the middle of June 2017.  

For any questions please contact Sean Redmond; SI Swimming Age Group Chair; at seanmary@aol.com

written by Kevin Lee

May 06

San Diego Imperial Swimming would like to congratulate all the swimmers who will be continuing their swimming careers in college next fall.  Please fill out this Google Form. Entries will be posted on the si-swimming.org website on this page.

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Apr 12

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Mar 13

We didn’t get a lot of participation in our photo contest, but here are the winners.  Congratulations @coxfamrox and @csa_swimming!  Remember to tag photos with #siswimming, #funisfirst, #usaswimming for the next month!


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Dec 12

At the House of Delegates meeting held on November 28, 2016, three new athlete representatives were elected to the Board of Directors.  Please congratulate Maria Davila- SBA, Erin Taggart – RSD and Natalie Smith – PS on their recent election.  They will be joining the existing athlete representative Jason Ornelas – CAST to make up the four athlete representatives on the board.

Martine Abouchabki was elected as an athlete member of the nominating committee at the House of Delegates meeting.

The latest Western Zone Athlete Newsletter can be found here: December 2016 Newsletter

The board is always looking to increase athlete involvement in all aspects of San Diego Imperial Swimming’s direction.  Please contact generalchair@si-swimming.org if you are interested in participating or have any questions.  Thanks!

written by Kevin Lee

Nov 22

Here are statements from each of the candidates for San Diego Imperial Swimming Athlete Representatives.  The election will be held at the House of Delegates Meeting on November 28th.

Erin TaggartHello I’m Erin Taggart and I want to be an athlete representative. I am a sophomore at La Costa Canyon High School where I participate on the varsity swim team. I am on the Senior Team with RSD, and on an all-girl volunteer organization called Female Athlete Volunteers. I started swimming when I was six years old in Houston, Texas. I moved to California in 2010 and I have been a part of SI swimming as well as All-Star and Imperial Zones teams for many years. Also, I was on the Ocean’s Seven team that swam the Catalina Channel in under eight hours and raised twenty thousand dollars for Fresh Start, a charity that gives free surgeries to children who cannot afford them. I have gotten to know many people in San Diego, and it is important to me that athletes get a voice in important matters in the swimming community.
Maria DavilaMy name is Maria Davila, and I am hoping to be elected as next year’s athlete rep for San Diego. . For me, being an athlete rep this past year has meant being a role model in and out of the water. I’ve had the chance to showcase this through my 9 years as a South Bay Aquatics swimmer, running the timing system for meets since I was 11 years old, announcing at the past several JOs and Winter Championships, and simultaneously dedicating myself in school--as shown by my 4.32 GPA. Over the past year, I’ve also had the opportunity to help organize this past Swimposium and attend the USA Swimming National Convention as an athlete rep--with the athlete vote for San Diego. After attending the convention, I walked away with the goal of increasing athlete involvement in our LSC. Most of our athletes don’t realize that there is a governing body of swimming, or that their voice can even make a difference in it. If I am selected as this year’s athlete rep for San Diego, I will help increase athlete involvement as well as educate our athletes on the various things that make up USA Swimming and impact our LSC.
Martine AbouchabkiHi my name is Martine Abouchabki and I swim on Pacific Swim in the senior group. I've been swimming for 10 years and now compete at the regional senior level. I embody all the characteristics that reflect my team such as persevering, hard working, discipline, commitment, competitiveness, and team work. I have a very strong personality that I use to encourage and lead the team not only during a workout but outside the pool. I strive to be a role model and encourage the younger swimmers to be part of our big family. I want them to have the same memorable experiences as I have. During my summers teaching swim lessons and seeing the fun the children have in the water reminds me of why I still swim today. I would like to be an athlete representative to have a voice for not only my teammates but for all age swimmers in San Diego.
Natalie SmithMy name is Natalie Smith and I am a senior swimmer with Pacific Swim. San Diego Imperial Swimming has been a major part of my life. I have been a swimmer in this LSC for over nine years, and throughout this time, I have met and become friends with swimmers, coaches, and officials. One thing that I have learned over the years is that SI swimming is very much a family.
As a swimmer, I have seen the way our LSC works from that perspective. I have competed at every level within and for our LSC. I’ve progressed from C Meets and JO Max, to JOs, All Stars, Zones, and now regional senior meets. I have also had the honor to represent SI swimming as the 2013 Zone Team co-captain, and I am currently a Pacific Swim team captain.
Now, I would love the opportunity to learn how the LSC works from the inside. I am interested in representing athletes in order to continue the good experience and I had growing up in our LSC. As athlete representative, I would like to work to support and promote a culture of inclusion and acceptance of all swimmers. I would also seek out and listen to swimmers’ feedback, and help to ensure that swimmers’ concerns or suggestions are shared with the LSC leadership.
Thank you for the opportunity to be considered as athlete representative
Billy YeagerNo statement was provided.

written by Kevin Lee

Sep 30

One of the athletes who represented San Diego Imperial Swimming created a video of her experience.  Maria D.’s video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpIyn79ScLE

She also wrote up a full report on her experience at convention which can be read on the new Athletes page.

written by Kevin Lee