Oct 10
An incident recently occurred at our recent Freestyle Festival hosted by PS.  During the starting instructions (“take your mark”), a swimmer prematurely entered the pool.  The officials allowed the swimmer to get back on the blocks and swim the race.  When the swimmer had fallen into the pool an unidentified person behind the blocks was heard to have said, “It is because he’s Mexican”.  The parents heard the comment and were very upset.  The parents notified their child’s coach, who in turn, notified the Meet Referee.  Proper protocol was carried out by the Meet Referee.  Safe Sport and the Diversity & Inclusion committees were notified in order to open a discussion on how to best recover from such an incident.

The aforementioned comment is not representative of the culture in San Diego Imperial Swimming.  Racist, sexist, derogatory, or any other non-inclusive outbursts are unacceptable behavior throughout all of USA Swimming.  We intend to make our LSC diverse and inclusive in the best interest of all of our members.  Please join us with your words and actions to move us toward this goal.  Thank you.

Kevin Lee – General Chair
Jolyn Yanez – Safe Sport Chair
Krissy Payton – Diversity and Inclusion Chair

written by Kevin Lee

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San Diego-Imperial Swimming, 2017