Nov 08

San Diego Imperial Swimming is announcing its nominations for the upcoming House of Delegates meeting.  In even years, the LSC elects a smaller number of positions.  This year, we are electing athlete representatives and members of the nominating committee.

We are required to have 3 athlete representatives on our Board of Directors.  Jason Ornelas and Maddie Cosgrove were elected last year.  Maddie has left for college and needs a replacement.  Roy Perkins was named as the third athlete representative at the beginning of this year to fulfill the 20% athlete representation requirement.  Since Roy was named by the board and not elected, his seat will be up for election this year. Here are the candidates for athlete representative:

  • Martine Abouchabki
  • Maria Davila
  • Natalie Smith
  • Erin Taggart
  • Billy Yeager

We have 3 positions on our nominating committee that are up for election.  But since we had an alternate on the committee, it was determined that the alternate (Dan Peck) should take one of the positions and elect the other two positions.  Here are the candidates for nominating committee:

  • Krissy Payton
  • Kate Thornton
  • Lynn Fazen
  • Tim Marsh
  • Carlos Davila
  • Scott Lawson
  • Mike Saltzstein
  • Pat Tope

Remember that the House of Delegates meeting will take place on November 28th, starting at 7:45PM at Qualcomm Headquarters (not Qualcomm Stadium), Building S Cafeteria, 5535 Morehouse Drive, San Diego, CA 92121.

written by Kevin Lee

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