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Update:  The Wavehouse Swim Team will be having a memorial for Don today (August 1) beginning at 4pm, at the City Heights Recreation Center.


The San Diego Imperial swimming community lost one of its own on Thursday, July 27th.  Don Watkinds, head coach of the Wavehouse Swim Team, president of the San Diego Imperial Coaches Association, member of the San Diego Imperial Board of Directors and Disability Chair.  Some more background on Don can be found in this SwimSwam article.

When we receive information regarding Don’s memorial service, we will be posting on the website.

In lieu of cards and flowers, it has been requested to make donations to the Challenged Athletes Foundation

written by Kevin Lee

6 Responses to “SI Community Loses One of its Own”

  1. 1. Kathy Simmons Says:

    Rest In Peace Don. You will be sorely missed 💙

  2. 2. "Linnie Poo", your favorite cousin Says:

    You were the most giving and unselfish person I have ever known. I know your heart was broken when your dad died, and now mine is. Love you forever.

  3. 3. Jodi Luostarinen Says:

    The Wavehouse Swim Team will be having a memorial for Don 8/1/2017.

    4pm. City Heights Rec Center.

  4. 4. Keith Clements Says:

    Very sorry to hear about this. Don was always a gentleman on deck and I enjoyed Don and his swimmers. He always thanked the meet officials prior to his leaving @ every meet. So sorry to hear about his passing. The SDI swim community will miss Don.

  5. 5. Lisa Bebi Says:

    Don was a first class man. His athletes always came first. He helped them long after they went off to college. He was a larger than life character. His voice pleasantly booming. He was very intelligent and innovative; his degree was in engineering which made him a coach with a different perspective. A better perspective.
    My daughter swam for him as an able athlete. She was a 15 years old joining the team after swimming for another club. He worked with her and crafted a fantastic swimmer, but more importantly he built up her confidence and self worth when her confidence coming into his program was very low. He was sensitive to her situation understanding who she was and knowing what she needed. Who does that? We are so grateful.

    It was an unusual swim team. She was able to swim along side paraolympians which made her profoundly motivated and proud. What amazing swimmers.

    I have known Don all my life. He was who he was from the moment I met him in 1971.
    I’m so saddened by his early death but am also thankful for knowing him. What a beautiful person. Rest In Peace, Don. We love you so much.

  6. 6. Sonja Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Don’s passing. He died the same day my father passed away. 3 years later. He was like a dad to me. I loved his passion for his swim students, his laugh and his smile. We miss you Don. If anyone is interested on helping me organize a run swim run with the tri-club, parametics, lifeguards, ymca, rotary etc please let me know. Sonja 6192549030

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