Sep 11

Congratulations to the following members of San Diego-Imperial Swimming who have been named to USA Swimming’s 2016-17 Scholastic All-American team!   These athletes will be recognized on the USA Swimming website and each will receive three certificates – one for the swimmer, one for their club, and one for their school. Each member will also receive a commemorative bag tag.  To be eligible, swimmers must have achieved a minimum 3.5 GPA for the academic year (sophomore and above) and must meet a minimum qualifying time standard.  The SI swimmers named to the 2016-17 team:

  • Julissa Arzave (SBA) – 1st yr
  • Jordan Blitz (PAC) – 2nd yr
  • Anna Brooker (NCA) – 1st yr
  • Amelia Cho (RSD) – 1st yr
  • Leah Coffin (RSD) – 1st yr
  • Pierce Dietze (WSST) – 1st yr
  • Juliana Fox (PAC) – 1st yr
  • Leanna Gharbaoui (PAC) – 1st yr
  • Julee Keenan-Rivers (NCA) – 1st yr
  • Justin Lee (NCA) – 1st yr
  • Danielle Nowaski (CAST) – 1st yr
  • Tegan Preston (NCA) – 1st yr
  • Rachel Rhee (RSD) – 1st yr
  • Mitchell Stoddard (CAST) – 2nd yr
  • Carlson Temple (CAST) – 2nd yr
  • Lindsay Turner (NCA) – 1st yr
  • Dominick Wallace (WSST) – 2nd yr
  • Michael Xu (PAC) – 1st yr

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San Diego-Imperial Swimming, 2017