Sep 28

The first ever Don Watkinds Memorial F.I.R.S.T meet was held last weekend at the Kroc Aquatics Center.  This meet is meant to introduce swimmers and their families to the wonderful world of competitive swimming.  As the first meet for these swimmers, they were introduced to how meets work, what their responsibilities are and the officials roles at meets.  The parents also learned that San Diego Imperial Swimming is run by volunteers and they got their first opportunities to volunteer as timers, head timer and runners.  Thanks to Krissy Payton and Mary Redmond for setting this event up and to Paradowski’s Swim for their generation donations to the swimmers’ goodie bags!

written by Kevin Lee

2 Responses to “Successful Don Watkinds Memorial F.I.R.S.T. Meet held”

  1. 1. Amy Says:

    Will the results be posted from this swim meet? Thanks

  2. 2. Amy Says:

    Thank you !!

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