Nov 25

*** UPDATED *** Links to new By-Laws and Policy&Procedures Manual have been updated to the correct versions

The House of Delegates meeting will take place on November 27, starting at 7:45PM at Qualcomm headquarters, in the Building S cafeteria.  This is the same location as last year’s House of Delegates meeting.  Click here for a map. 5679 Morehouse Dr, 92121 should navigate your GPS to the visitor’s entrance of Qualcomm.

Here are the agenda and consent agenda for the meeting, as well as the previous meeting minutes:

You can call in or remotely participate in the HOD via our conference call.  Here are the details of the conference call connection:

  • Call in info: (641) 715-3580 access code: 126668
  • Online:

We have a large election slate to consider and vote on this HOD.  Our by-laws do not allow voting via the conference call, so you are required to be physically present at the meeting in order to vote.  The candidate slate can be viewed here: 2017 HOD Election Slate .

Our by-laws state that a maximum of 3 board members can be from the same club.  There are a few situations where it is possible that we could hit the maximum number of board members from a single club and we would not be allowed to vote in any additional members from that clun.

One of the important tasks to be completed at the House of Delegates meeting is to approve our latest By-Laws and our Policies and Procedures manual.  A group of highly dedicated volunteers have worked hard on this years updates.  Because the documents themselves can be fairly large and why the changes are being made may not be obvious, a document summarizing the changes to each document is also included.  All House of Delegates members should review the documents prior to the meeting.

written by Kevin Lee

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