Nov 28

At the recent SI Swimming House of Delegates meeting, elections were held for a new Board of Directors.  Those elected will assume their new positions on 1 January 2018.

  • General Chair:  Kevin Lee
  • Secretary: Rich Cosgrove
  • Administrative Vice Chair:  Sally Taggart (RSD)
  • Technical Vice Chair: Pete Murphy (PAC)
  • Age Group Vice Chair:  Kristyn Evans (NCA)
  • Senior Vice Chair: Dan Peck (PS)
  • Safe Sport Chair: Sean Redmond (FAST)
  • Registration Chair:  Deanna Rupp
  • 2 new athlete reps:  Juli Arzave (SBA) and Elisabeth Lundgren (SBA)
  • Current athlete reps:  Maria Davila (SBA) and Erin Taggart (RSD)

Congratulations to all!

written by docbailey

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