Where do these time standards come from? By rule, our San Diego ABC time standards are set to equal those published by our large neighbor LSC to the north, Southern California Swimming. They call their time standards Blue-Red-White, but other than that they are identical. These time standards are very stable and rarely change from year to year. Having equivalent time standards makes it easier for swimmers to enter and compete in the other LSC’s swim meets. On the other hand, our Junior Olympic time standards are set locally here in San Diego and are crafted to select approximately the 24 fastest swimmers in each event based upon the average results in the event over the past 3 – 5 years. These time standards can change annually to reflect changes in the size and performance of various age groups.

Following are the time standards for the 2018 Junior Olympics meets which are held in February and July.

2018 Junior Olympic Time Standards

Junior Olympics (JO) meet entry time standards are issued in two formats: short course yards and long course meters. This single set of standards is used for both JO meets. Once a swimmer has a JO cut in one course, he or she may use that time to enter any JO meet. Accordingly, time conversions are not required or allowed.

Historically, San Diego-Imperial Swimming has not used the USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational times for its A-B-C meet entry time standards.

2018 San Diego-Imperial Swimming ABC Time Standards

2016 Senior Time Standards

National Time Standards

Other Time Standards

20 Responses to “Times”

  1. 1. Rich Cosgrove Says:

    The redone site looks great – nice clean look and easy to navigate. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the old time standard tables that contained the AA times in addition to the A, B and JO times back on the site? Also, will there be a redone ‘Officials’ page that has links to the USA Swimming Officials on-line tests, rule book, etc.?

    – Rich

  2. 2. Debbie Mueller Says:

    No more AA times?
    Did you ever consider posting Far Western times?

  3. 3. admin Says:


    AA times still exist on the SoCal Swimming website – we just don’t use them in this LSC for any of our meets. I’ll see if we can repost or link to the tables showing the SoCal AA times.

    Dean Bailey
    SI Swimming Technical Chair

  4. 4. admin Says:


    AA times still exist – they are established by Southern California Swimming and are posted on their website. We just don’t use them for any meets here in our LSC. I’ll see if I can get the 2010 Far Western times or post a link to them.

    Dean Bailey
    SI Swimming Technical Chair

  5. 5. Bailey Says:

    Where are our own personal times?

  6. 6. admin Says:

    A swimmer’s times (or best times) can be found on the USA Swimming website. Under the “Tools” section, click on “Times/Time Standards”

  7. 7. degs Says:

    I noted that the 2nd page of the Far Western Time Standards says 2009. Typo?? Mistake??

  8. 8. docbailey Says:

    I suspect a typo by neglect – when they updated the time standards for 2010, they forgot to change the header on page 2.

  9. 9. michael Says:

    Where are the AA, AAA, and AAAA times?

  10. 10. docbailey Says:

    You can find those times on USA Swimming’s website (quadrennial motivational times) or SoCal Swimming’s website. SI Swimming does not establish its own AA, AA, or AAAA time standards.

  11. 11. Joan Says:

    What is the difference between far western time standards versus western zone time standards?

  12. 12. docbailey Says:

    There are several instances where the SI Jr Olympic qualifying time is slower than the corresponding “A” time standard. The explanation is covered in the first paragraph at the top of this page – but here is the short answer: The A/B/C time standards come directly from the corresponding Blue/Red/White time standards set by Southern California Swimming – a much bigger (and in some cases much faster) LSC than SI Swimming. The SI Jr Olympic time standards are set only by SI Swimming, and are designed to select an average of about the 24 fastest swimmers in each event/age group. In some events, SI Swimming does not have 24 “A” swimmers, so our JO time standard may be less than an “A” time.

  13. 13. Mark Carter Says:

    I am looking to bring my team to the Presidents Sr Meet in Feb 2011
    Can anyone help me find the time standrads and entry rules (bonus swims if any ect?)

  14. 14. Steve Skidmore Says:

    Want to bring my team to the senior classic 2011. Will it be @ the jcc or Poway? Where are the standards for this meet? Thanks

  15. 15. docbailey Says:

    The times standards will be the same as in 2009. The location is still TBA, but those are the 2 leading site choices.

  16. 16. Colleen Smith Says:

    Would you consider posting the SI records for both SCY and LCM on the website?

  17. 17. docbailey Says:

    The broken link has been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

  18. 18. Erin Says:

    Is there a .std (for importing into TM) file anywhere for JO/Zones/Far Western time standards?

  19. 19. docbailey Says:

    No, not that I am aware of.

  20. 20. Joan Says:

    My daughter 14 recently made JO times for long course. She will be 15 next month. Would she be able to swim her JO events in August?