2016-2017 Winter Meets

DateSanction NumberMeet TypeHost / LocationMeet ContactMeet
File for
Sept 24SI-16-45Freestyle Festival - SouthHSA / Granite Hills HSDebi FresePDFZIPZIP
Sept 24SI-16-46Freestyle Festival - NorthPS / Poway Community CenterDi MolenaarPDFZIPZIP
Oct 15SI-16-4714&Under PentathlonCAST / Granite Hills HSJeannette TemplePDFZIPZIP
Oct 16SI-16-48Senior MeetCAST / Granite Hills HSJeannette TemplePDFZIPZIP
Oct 22-23SI-16-4910 & Under Mini Meet /
11 & Over Distance Meet
MRA / Granite Hills HSCathy ElgasPDFZIPZIP
Oct 29SwimposiumSI / BBMAC CoronadoMary RedmondPDF
Oct 30SI-16-51"Catch the Spirit" CampSI / BBMAC CoronadoMary Redmond
Oct 30SI-16-55AYMCA Closed All LevelsYMCA / Spring ValleyHeather SzilardPDF
Nov 5-6SI-16-53ABC All Ages NorthRSD / Pardee Aquatics CenterBrian RobinsonPDFZIPZIP
Nov 5-6SI-16-54ABC All Ages SouthCNSA / BBMAC Coronado Carrie MuschekPDFZIPZIP
Dec 2-4SI-16-57AB All AgesCAST / Granite Hills HSJeannette TemplePDFZIPZIP
Dec 10SI-16-56C All AgesWSST / La Jolla HSPaton McClungPDFZIPZIP
Dec 10SI-16-52NCA Closed PentathlonNCA / Alga NortePatty StephanPDFZIP
Dec 17-19SI-16-50SI Winter Age Group
SI / BBMAC CoronadoDean BaileyPDFZIPZIP
Jan 8SI-17-01AYMCA Closed All LevelsYMCA / SanteeHeather SzilardPDF
Jan 13-15SI-17-10AB All AgesSBA / Mater Dei HSSammie HailPDFZIPZIP
Jan 13-15SI-17-07AB All AgesCAST / Granite Hills HSJeannette TemplePDFZIPZIP
Jan 14SI-17-14NCA vs GWST vs MVN Closed TriMeetNCA / Alga NoirtePatty Stephan
Jan 21-22SI-17-0612 & Under C MeetFAST / Fallbrook HSMary RedmondPDFZIPZIP
Jan 27-29SI-17-0311 & Over No Time StandardHSA / Granite Hills HSDebi FresePDFZIP
Feb 4-5SI-17-02AYMCA Closed Winter ChampsYMCA / SanteeHeather SzilardPDF
Feb 10-12SI-17-0512 & Under ABC Meet - NorthFAST / Fallbrook HSMary RedmondPDFZIP
Feb 10-12SI-17-1112 & Under ABC Meet - SouthSBA / Mater Dei HSSammie HailPDFZIP
Feb 11SI-17-16Open Time TrialsSBA / Mater Dei HSSammie HailPDF
Feb 17-20SI-17-08SI Swimming Senior ClassicSI / BBMAC CoronadoDean BaileyPDFZIP
Feb 24-26SI-17-09SI Swimming SC Junior OlympicsSI / Poway Swim CenterMary RedmondPDFZIP
Mar 2-5SI-17-12
Speedo CA-NV SectionalsNCA / Alga Norte Pool CarlsbadKristyn EvansPDF
Mar 11-12SI-17-04JOMAX - SouthHSA / Granite Hills HSDebi FresePDF
Mar 11-12SI-17-17JOMAX - NorthICAC / Palomar CollegeMary RedmondPDFZIP

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5 Responses to “Meets”

  1. 1. Frank Bugelli Says:

    I’m requesting a draft copy of the Long Course Schedule. We are already making family commitments Mar – Aug 2010. I’d like to keep swim meet weekends open.

    Frank Bugelli
    WSST Dad

  2. 2. docbailey Says:

    Look at our posting of November 17 – the LC season bid package contains a draft schedule.

  3. 3. JP OBrien Says:

    Thanks for the info. What a great new and improved webb site.

  4. 4. Heather Thoma Says:

    I am a swim coach bringing a group of swimmers from out of state to one of your summer meets. As i only have a couple of months left, do you have any advice for getting info from meet directors who seem a little behind the ball. I have sent multipe emails over the past month and have gotten zero responses.

  5. 5. Sean Says:

    When will the 2010/2011 short course schedule be published? I know some meets need to be rebid, but the schedule can still be published onb the web site.