Board of Directors

San Diego – Imperial Swimming
2018-2019 Board of Directors


Board Of Director Members  (year elected)

General Chair
Kevin Lee (2015)

Administrative Vice Chair
Sally Taggart (2017)

Rich Cosgrove (2017)

John McGlynn (2014)

Age Group Vice Chair
Kristyn Evans (2017)

Technical Vice Chair
Pete Murphy (2017)

Senior Vice Chair
Dan Peck (2017)

Safe Sport Chair
Sean Redmond (2017)

Athlete Representatives
Elisabeth Lundgren (2017)
Erin Taggart (2016)
Juli Arzave (2017)
Maria Davila (2016)

Registration Chair
Deanna Rupp (2015)

Coaches Assn Representative
Greg Spire

Committee Chairpersons

Dean Bailey

Records/Top 10 Chair
Rich Cosgrove

Diversity/Inclusion Committee
Krissy Payton (chair – 2016)
Sean Redmond

Officials Committee Co-Chairs
Cal Gabriel (2017)
Debbie Baldwin (2017)

Equipment Committee Chair
Carlos Davila

Operational Risk Chair
Kate Thornton

Program Committee
Tom Paradowski – SBA (Chair)
Pete Murphy – PAC
Paul Mazzarelle – RSD
Rich Cosgrove – non-coach
Greg Spire – SSD
Pat Tope – HSA
Mary Redmond – FAST-non-coach
Scott Lawson – ICAC
Dave Kilmer – CAST
Tegan Preston – NCA (athlete)
Takato Timmerman – PS (athlete)
Noah Snyder – PS (athlete)

Outreach Representative
Krissy Payton

Web Services
Dean Bailey

Championship Committee
Rich Cosgrove
Maria Davila (athlete)
John McGlynn
Mary Redmond

Administrative Board of Review
Keith Clements (2013)
Matt Boese (2013)
Pat Tope (2013)
Dean Bailey (2013)
John Smigal (2013)
Scott Lawson (2013)
Michael DeMarco (athlete) (2013)
Roy Perkins (athlete) (2013)

Nominating Committee
Martine Abouchabki (athlete) (2016)
Sammy Hail (2016 – replaced Lynn Fazen)
Tim Marsh (2016)
Dan Peck (2016)
Kate Thornton (2016)

General Chair’s Committees

  • Budget Committee
  • Registration Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Outreach Committee

Administrative Vice Chair’s Committees:

  • Safe Sport Committee
  • Records Committee
  • Officials Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Equipment Committee

Age Group Vice Chair’s Committees:

  • Zones Committee
  • Meets Committee
  • Adapted Swimming Committee
  • Camps Committee

Technical Vice Chair’s Committees:

  • Program Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Time Standards Committee
  • Sanctions Committee

Senior Vice Chair’s Committees:

  • Championship Committee
  • National Travel Committee
  • Open Water Swimming Committee


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