San Diego – Imperial Swimming is….

The administrative presence of USA Swimming in the San Diego and Imperial counties of California. USA Swimming is divided into geographic zones and San Diego-Imperial Swimming is part of the Western Zone. Our responsibilities include: processing of memberships for athletes, coaches, clubs, & non-athlete members; scheduling competitions and publishing a calendar; processing sanctions for competitions and other related activities; training & certification of officials; maintaining communication through our web site and newsletters; providing educational opportunities for athletes, coaches and volunteers at our meetings and clinics; giving recognition for records and top times; assembling the SI Zone Team; and other administrative responsibilities consistent with the needs of our programs and the needs of our members.

Our Mission

San Diego-Imperial Swimming prepares athletes for life-long success through competitive swimming

Our Vision

San Diego Imperial Swimming is F.I.R.S.T.

Fun, Integrity, Respect, Service, Team

Fun is First!

You can contact San Diego-Imperial Swimming via email, phone, or mail.  As of 23 March 2018, SI Swimming no longer maintains a physical office.

San Diego-Imperial Swimming
PO Box 1347
Fallbrook, CA 92088

Phone: 760-525-3748

27 Responses to “LSC”

  1. 1. Suzy Kay Says:

    Good morning,

    I wanted to reach out to you and find out who should I speak to regarding helping your organization secure hotel rooms in conjunction with the larger meets you would bring to San Diego where we would be hosting teams from our of San Diego county? I would love to talk with someone when you have a few minutes. I am active in the swimming community both as a master swimming and my daughter who is on the RSD swim team.
    Thank you
    Suzy Kay
    National Sales Manager, Sports
    San Diego North Convention & Visitors Bureau

  2. 2. DEG Says:

    The new web site is very nice. Thank you for your hard work. Where can I find the SI office hours and contact information (address, phone)? Please consider posting on the home page.

  3. 3. docbailey Says:

    Excellent point. We have added the office info on our home page (and others) – look at the sidebar to the right.

  4. 4. Emily Says:

    How do I look at my childs overall times? I don’t know how to use your new website to access the info.

  5. 5. docbailey Says:

    To find a swimmer’s overall times, it is best to go direct to USA Swimming’s website – use the link below. Under the “Find a Time” section, click on “Individual Times” and follow the directions.

  6. 6. JP OBrien Says:

    Please do not push the LC JO’s past July this year. Familes need a little summer to enjoy after swim season. July is the traditional time for JO’s in San Diego.

  7. 7. Emily Says:

    How can I locate reimbursement for travel forms on this website?

  8. 8. Paton Says:

    I’m also looking for the Sectional reimbursement form.

  9. 9. barb Says:

    I am also looking for the Sectional reimbursement form..

  10. 10. docbailey Says:

    The Travel Reimbursement Form and Code of Conduct Form are now available on the “Forms” page, available from the top menu of our “Admin” page.

  11. 11. Larissa Says:

    How do I sign my child up….where do i call or e-mail…or something;…

  12. 12. Gabriela Parsons Says:


    Why don’t you include the 25 yd final times for swimmers in the USA swimming database? My daughter is swimming in USA Swimming sanctioned C meets right now and getting official times recorded for 25yd events but you guys only list 50 yd events and up. I can find her times in the meet results database but not if I look her up by name in the swimmer’s database. It would be really nice to include these results there too. That’s where I look for swim times for all my other kids.


    Gabriela Parsons

  13. 13. docbailey Says:

    Good question, with a couple of answers:

    1. Although we choose to offer 25 yard events in some of our local San Diego meets for our developing swimmers, USA Swimming does not recognize or have time standards for 25 yard events.

    2. Since 25 yard events are not a normally recognized distance, the USA Swimming database is not set up to retrieve and display that data. I’m certain the database could be modified to do that, but that decision (and expense) would be up to USA Swimming.

  14. 14. Julie Says:

    Is it possible to list large meets that our swimmers attend that are out of the area? Sectionals, Zones, Grand Prixs, Jr Nationals, etc?? It would be nice to be able to find the dates for these meets, the meet sheets, other info. I routinely use the So Cal Swimming website but would rather find the info on our website. 🙂

  15. 15. Dan Says:

    I will be out the country during JO’s, is there any way to get live results or daily results? Thank you

  16. 16. docbailey Says:

    We will try to post daily results to our website during JO’s. Unfortunately we do not own the software to post live results as many national meets do.

  17. 17. Dan Says:

    Thanks for the daily results and updates.
    Any chance we can get Swimnetwork cover our JO’s ?

  18. 18. Dan Says:

    or Swimming World TV? Maybe a local sponsor would pay for it to increase their exposure?

  19. 19. docbailey Says:

    SwimNetwork focuses on National and International level events, and has not covered an LSC-level Junior Olympics to my knowledge. That being said, when they do cover a national event with live results, they use the same Pro version of HyTek Meet Manager software that we would need. The cost for SI Swimming to upgrade to that version would be about $500, but that is not in our LSC budget. If a willing sponsor was found to fund the purchase, I am sure I could provide “live” reporting on the web for our major events without much trouble.

  20. 20. Dan Says:

    Thanks for the update. If our LSC does not approve this budget item or find a sponsor to support this important purchase before I return in September, then I will personally start passing the hat until we raise the funds to get it done. I’m confident that many parents, grandparents and fans of our swimmers would love this feature at each of our major SI events.

  21. 21. Dan Says:

    Thank you very much for the daily JO results.There may be a file size issue, because we are only able to see Day 2 Results up to half way through Event 25, but nothing after that? Thanks again for making it all possible.

  22. 22. Dan Says:

    All fixed. Thank you.

  23. 23. Tracy Says:

    Hi, how do you calculate the swimmer’s age for the meet? Do you do it by birthdays or by calendar year? Thanks.

  24. 24. docbailey Says:

    A swimmer’s age for the entire meet is usually their age on the first day of the meet (Rule 205.2.1 and 205.2.2).

  25. 25. Isabela Says:

    Thanks to SI swimming and all the all-star coaches!! The all-star meet was the best!!

  26. 26. Wen Says:

    The result of Feb 19th’ meet was posted wrongly, it contains only the finals part, the swimmers who were not in the finals are missing. Please change.


  27. 27. Lauri Says:

    Once an official completes a background check, are new cards being issued automatically or do we need to do something to ensure that our new cards are issued?