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Official’s Information

These pages are dedicated to our outstanding volunteers who are swimming officials or are interested in becoming a swimming official.

New Officials

For more information on becoming an official, please see the tab above called “Becoming an Official“.  Included in that page are the steps you need to complete to become an official as well as information on Official Uniforms and Official Radios.

Currently, we do not require officials in training to complete their USA Swimming registration prior to shadowing on the pool deck.  Starting next year (January 1, 2014), USA Swimming registration must be completed within 60 days of starting the certification process.

The “Meet Information for Officials” tab shows which meets trainees can shadow and links to the poll to indicate your desire to shadow.  Please click on the link for the meets you hope to shadow an official.

Existing Officials

The “Meet Information for Officials” includes information about each meet as well as the links to the Official Poll for each meet.  We ask officials who are planning on attending the meet, whether they are training or already certified, to enter their intention to attend the meet in the Official Poll.

We are working hard to keep the data in USA Swimming’s Official Tracking System up to date.  You can view your personal history here.  It should list all the meets you have officiated (or shadowed), on-line tests you have completed, or other training activities.  If you feel something is missing, please send email to John Smigal.  Note that we started keeping track around March 2013.  Meets prior to that may not be entered into the system.

We will be constantly adding additional information to the website.  If you have suggestions on information that should be included on the website, please send email to John Smigal.

Team Point of Contacts for Officials

Each team has a point of contact for more information regarding their team’s policies for officials.  Here are the curent POC’s.  Please let John Smigal know if any updates are required.

TeamPoint of Contact
CASTJeff Yeager
CNSAEmmett Walling
FASTJanet Dubnansky
HSABrian Davis
ICACScott Lawson
MRACathy Elgas
NCASue Parnes
OCSJuan Hernandez
PACTim Marsh
PQACKevin Lee
PSJohn Smigal
RAQJohn McGlynn
RSDRich Cosgrove
RSTJolyn Yanez
SBATodd Parsons
WSSTPaton McClung
SD YMCADavid Nelson


Officials crew at the Sunday PM session of the 2015 Junior Olympics Championships


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