USA Swimming has a lot of information about our clubs in their website, but it can be hard to find.  This page has been put together that consolidates a number of different pieces of information.  Included on this page is information related to the following areas.

Virtual Club Championships

As we move into short course championship season, it can be interesting to view the Virtual Club Championship standings.  These are automatically generated by the times entered into the SWIMS database.  More information about the Virtual Club Championship can be found here:

Getting detailed club information can be generated from this page:

Club Recognition Program

The Club Recognition Program is designed by USA Swimming “to strengthen the club system in USA Swimming by guiding clubs through a development process that ultimately positions the program and its coaches to better serve athletes.”  This is an entirely optional program and non-participation should not be considered a negative.  The program is really a template for one possible path to success for a club.  Level III is the highest rating.  More information on this program can be found here:

Club Excellence Program

This program rewards clubs that have elite 18 and under swimmers.  Each club earns points based on the FINA Points Table.  The top 20 clubs in the nation are designated Gold Level Ranking.  Clubs ranking between 21-100 are Silver Level Ranking and clubs ranking between 101-200 are Bronze Level Ranking.  Only the top 200 clubs in the nation get a ranking.  The rankings are recalculated every year and clubs can move up and down based on the current swimmers’ times.  More information on this program can be found here:

Team NameNational RankVCC RankVCC Team ScoreClub Recognition Level (none or I-III)Club Excellence Level (none, Bronze, Silver, Gold)Website
North Coast Aquatics431206,773   I
Rancho San Dieguito752188,976   IIIBronze
Pacific Swim1473162,604   III
South Bay Aquatics2524133,511
Heartland Swim Assoc489595,708
College Area Swim Team535690,433   IBronze
Pacific Athletic Club583784,769   I
San Diego YMCA708872,752   I
Inland Coastal Aq Club780967,746
Wind N' Sea Swim Team10401048,392   I
Imp. Valley Desert Aq12191139,533
Renegade Aquatics12291238,878   I
Manta Ray Aquatics13001335,779
Swim San Diego13811432,580
San Diego Aquatic Club14381530,871   I
Coronado Swim Assn15271627,753
Magdalena Ecke Ymca Riptides17581721,212
Fallbrook Assoc Swim T19971815,006
Oceanside Swim Club2205199,888
Ramona Swim Team2258208,957
Wave House San Diego Swim Team2263218,848
Blue Fins Swim Team2325227,782
Piranha Swim Team2462235,313
I. B. Swim Team2551243,386
PQ Aquatics Club2645251,424

Virtual Club Competition data last updated on 07 February 2017.

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