Athlete Rep Training Guide

Athlete Training Guide:​ USA Swimming finally released some information on how to train our
athlete representatives. I compiled the information into a sort of “handbook” for current and
future athlete reps to follow. The information is viewable via link on the new Athlete’s Committee
Google account, which I also created for all of the athlete reps to share pdf files, convention
info, etc.

Included in the Guide are:
An LSC Athlete Rep. Calendar for 2017-2018
A pdf of the 2017 USA Swimming Rulebook
A folder containing past and current Western Zone Athlete Newsletters
A folder containing information on the USAS Convention
A folder with SI Documents such as our P&P, By-laws, etc
The USA Swimming description of Athlete Representatives
The USA Swimming Athlete Leadership Guidebook
A list of the Athletes Committee Social Media login information
A template on drafting reports
A list with contact information for the LSC Board of Directors

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