Don Watkinds SWIM Award

This year the San Diego swim community lost a very special person, when Coach Donald Watkinds passed away in July.    Coach Don was at the pool every day, modeling to all those around him how to live with integrity, empathy, patience, passion, and persistence through the sport of swimming.  The Don Watkinds SWIM Award focuses on each individual swimmer’s unique abilities and character, by encouraging accomplishment through the values of: (FIRST) Fun, Integrity, Respect, Service, and Team.

The Coach Donald Watkinds SWIM Award has been established to enable person(s) of diverse background, circumstance, or ability to participate in the sport of swimming.  The Award pays swim related expenses for the chosen SISWIM athlete(s). The intent of the award is to encourage the growth of the sport of swimming via outreach to under-served and diverse Communities in the San Diego region.

The recipients of the award will be selected by the SI Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Please send any questions to

If you would like to help fund the Coach Donald Watkinds SWIM Award, please fill out the form attached here.

More information and directions on how to apply for the award are available below:

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