Dec 10

Congratulations to Bob Horne, the 2017 San Diego Imperial Swimming Official of the Year.  Bob tirelessly volunteers every weekend as a swim official.  He is happy to serve any official role, from Stroke and Turn, up to Meet Referee.  You can usually find Bob as the first official on deck and the one who is always diligently “invigilating” over the warm-up sessions.  Thanks so much Bob for all that you do!

written by Kevin Lee

Oct 18

The Coach Donald Watkinds SWIM Award has been established to enable person(s) of diverse background, circumstance, or ability to participate in the sport of swimming. The Award pays swim related expenses for the chosen SISWIM athlete(s). The intent of the award is to encourage the growth of the sport of swimming via outreach to under-served and diverse Communities in the San Diego region.

Please find more information at this link.

written by Kevin Lee

Sep 21

The next LSC Board of Director’s meeting will take place on Monday, September 26, starting at 7:45PM at the Swim Office.  It is open to everyone and is a great way to get to know what is going on in our LSC.  If you are interested in attending the meeting “virtually”, a teleconference will be set up.

Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3580

Access Code: 126668
A couple of things that can be reviewed prior to the meeting are the minutes from the previous meeting and the consent agenda for this meeting.  The consent agenda contains the reports from the different committees so that we only go over the things that need discussion during the meeting.  Here are links to the important documents:

written by Kevin Lee

Sep 09

Please join us in attending the Celebration of Life in memory of Coach Don Watkinds on October 21 in San Diego.  See this flyer for more details: DonCelebration

written by Kevin Lee

Apr 25

NEW Age Group IMX Recognition Program:

We are delighted to announce our new 12&U IMX age group recognition program.  All 12&U SI swimmers that achieve an IMX score during the 2016 – 2017 swim season by July 15th will automatically be entered into a drawing for a LSC sponsored party for their workout group.   We will select a 10&U girl, 10&U boy, 11&12 girl, and 11&12 boy and announce the winners at our long course JO.  

Events that must be swum to achieve an IMX score are as follows:  

9 & Under; 10-year olds: 200 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 200 IM

11-year olds; 12-year olds: 400 Free (LC) or 500 Free (SC), 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 200 IM

Additional Information about the USA swimming IMX (extreme) program can be found:

(Note:  The SI Board of Directors has approved this program for both the 2016/ 2017 and 2017 / 2018 swim season)  


NEW SI IMX Scholarship Program:  

SI is pleased to announce our new SI IMX Scholarship Program.   All high school students graduating in 2017 or 2018 are eligible for up to $300.  The final value of scholarship for the swimmer is dependent on the number of IMX scores that have been achieved since the start of seventh grade.  

All applications must be received by July 15th.   The specific eligibility criteria and process to submit is listed in Final Communication IMX Programs 2017.  Application is available here: IMX Scholarship Form Final.  Questions can be directed to Sally Taggart (

written by Kevin Lee

Apr 25

Isn’t April almost over?  Yes, it is and the winners were chosen a while ago.  I apologize for the late announcement!  Congratulations to @coxfamrox, @mantarayaquatics and @carolineswalker. We didn’t get a lot of entries for March either and April doesn’t have any entries yet.  We’ll skip a month, but hopefully more people will tag their photos for the photo contest.  Remember to tag photos with #siswimming, #funisfirst, #usaswimming.

written by Kevin Lee

Feb 03

We are starting a monthly photo contest within San Diego Imperial Swimming.  Photos will be judged based on our vision statement: “San Diego Imperial Swimming is F.I.R.S.T. Fun, Integrity, Respect, Service, Team – Fun is First!”  This contest is open to swimmers, parents, coaches, volunteers, anyone.  The photos can be taken anywhere, like at meets, or practice, team outings or just hanging out with swimmers.  The judging will be done by our 4 elected athlete reps each month and the winners will be published on our website and facebook page with the appropriate photo cred.  To submit a photo, just post it on instagram and tag it with #siswimming #funisfirst #usaswimming.  Good luck!

written by Kevin Lee

Nov 10

The location has been updated to the Mira Mesa Recreation Center, 8575 New Salem St, San Diego.  All participants should have received this information via email so this notification is only for insurance…

written by Kevin Lee

Nov 09

San Diego Imperial Swimming had a very successful Swimposium and Catch the Spirit camp this past October.

During Saturday’s Swimposium, athletes had the opportunity to meet and swim with Olympians Jason Lezak and Caitlin Leverenz.  In the water activities included technique and stroke work. Swimmers even had the chance to race against Leverenz in all four strokes.  Coaches, parents, and Officials also benefitted from talks and clinics given throughout the day by Ron Van Pool, David Benzel, Scott Colby, and our own Dan Peck.

Sunday’s Catch the Spirit camp proved beneficial to our swimmers. Led by Coach Kevin Eslinger and other local coaches, athletes learned new drills and ways to approach their starts and turns. Friendships developed in athletes across the county as they became united and gained a greater love for the sport of swimming.

Overall, the weekend ended in triumph and showed the future is great for San Diego Imperial Swimming. A huge thanks to those who participated and an even greater thanks to those who gave up their time and made the event possible. Included are some photos from the event taken by one of our athlete volunteers, Chris E.

Written by Athlete Maria D.


written by Kevin Lee

Oct 24

For those who have signed up for the upcoming Swimposium and/or Catch the Spirit Camp this weekend, here is additional information for you.

Swimposium Schedule

Swimposium Information

Catch the Spirit Information

Please contact Mary Redmond if you have any questions.

written by Kevin Lee

Jun 24

The LSC has decided to award 25 free tickets to the local premier of The Last Gold: The Greatest Untold Story in the History of Olympic Swimming.  Since our LSC is run by volunteers, we ran a raffle to award the movie tickets where the raffle tickets were allocated to the wonderful volunteers that make our LSC great.

Note that the local premier requires a minimum number of tickets sold prior to the deadline on June 30th in order for the movie presentation to occur.  If the minimum number is not met, the movie will not be shown.  As of June 24th, 30 of the 89 required tickets have been sold.  If you are considering going, please reserve your tickets!

Raffle Details

There are 3 main categories of raffle ticket allocations.

  1. Teams get 2 raffle tickets each, plus more for hosting open LSC swim meets during the current swim season.  For each meet hosted, a team gets 10 raffle tickets, plus 5 additional for each session in the meet.  Most meets are 2 sessions, so the host team would get 10+(2×5) tickets for a 2 session meet.  Each team gets to determine how any won tickets are distributed.
  2. Each committee member receives a raffle ticket.  If a person serves on multiple committees, they receive one raffle ticket per committee.
  3. Officials get 1 raffle ticket per session officiated during the current swim season

This resulted in 990 raffle tickets (would have had ~1000, but I withdrew all of my personal raffle tickets).  Teams got 413 raffle tickets, committee members got 48 tickets and officials got 529 raffle tickets (Wow!  529 sessions officiated this summer!).  Overall odds of winning a movie ticket are 25/990.

Raffle Winners

I generated the raffle tickets and selected the winners via a spreadsheet and random number generator.

WinnerNumber of ticketsWinnerNumber of tickets
CAST4Bob Horne1
IVDA1Tim Marsh1
MRA2Nestor Moran1
SBA3David Nelson1
Rolly Roper1FAST1
CNSA1Fiona Paiz1
Janet Dubnansky1Rich Cosgrove1
Chris Dudley1John Smigal1
Carlos Davila1Chris Smith1
Matt Boese1

Please let me know if you cannot use the tickets and I will pick the next raffle ticket on the list.  Teams should select who should receive the free ticket and notify me of the selected names.  I will also be notifying winners via email. The tickets available at the movie theater on the day of the show, between 6:15-6:45 (Movie starts at 7:00).

Let me know if you have any questions.

written by Kevin Lee

Jan 10
The San Diego Foundation has opened its 2014-2015 Common Scholarship Application and is looking for college-bound swimmers to apply.  The San Diego Foundation is the largest private scholarship provider in San Diego County outside of the university systems – last year they awarded $2.2 million and nearly 800 scholarships. They have one online application to access more than 100 scholarships, with awards from $1,000 to more than $5,000.
The Foundation has scholarships for graduating high school seniors, college students and adult re-entry students attending four-year universities, community colleges, career/technical schools and graduate schools. Among these, they have a scholarship JUST FOR SWIMMERS.  For more information, go to: or call (619) 814-1343. The deadline:  Monday, February 3 at noon to register in the online system and Wednesday, February 5 at noon to finish an application.

written by docbailey

Apr 08

The results of the South Bay Aquatics-hosted C All Ages South Meet held 6-7 April at the Loma Verde pool in Chula Vista have been posted.

written by docbailey

Sep 19

The Coronado-Navy Swimming Association (CNSA) is looking for an age-group coach
to work with various groups from Novice to Pre-Senior levels. Approximate hours are Mon-Fri 3:20-7:00pm, Saturday morning practices, as well as swim meets. Ideally we are looking for a currently certified coach to start immediately, but are willing to be patient for the best person for the job. Coaches with experience working with kids age 7-10 will be considered with priority. Former collegiate and club swimmers are encouraged to apply. The position is available immediately. The team has recently experienced significant growth, now upwards of 180+ swimmers. Interested candidates should contact Head Coach Kevin Blum via email at, or call (818) 201-5908 for additional information.

written by docbailey

Jun 27

Rancho San Dieguito swimmers Annie Driscoll and Maddie Uebelhor were honored today for their heroism is recognizing and rescuing a fellow swimmer who had passed out underwater in a warmup pool during a May 28 swim meet in Irvine.  Read more about their life-saving actions:

written by docbailey