Sep 25

USA Swimming has announced the swimmers who were selected as members of its 2009-2010 Scholastic All-America Team. 23 swimmers from San Diego-Imperial Swimming applied and were accepted for this honor, which goes to high school age swimmers in grades 10-12 with a national qualifying time and an academic GPA of over 3.5. Our SI All America Team members are:

Daniel Ettelson – PS         Herendira Alanis – NCA
Eric Hedlin – NCA             Kathryn Anderson – SDAC
Nguyen Hong – PS            Kathryn Bowersox – SDAC
Jonathan Kotow – BFST         Allison De Peralta – RSD
Jameson Lyon – NCA         Jessica Heim – CAST
Brandon Meier – CAST         Sarah Luibel – HSA
Henrik Ohrstrom – ICAC         Justine Maher – SBA
Alexander Polyak – NCA         Lauren McClure – NCA
Codi Saunders – HSA            Veronica Meyer – HSA
Trent Williams – SDAC         Justine Panian – ICAC
Kelley Sheehan – SDAC        Kendyl Stewart – NCA
Mikkel-Ane Stipe – NCA

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