May 25

SI Swimming was recently informed that the Brian Bent Memorial Aquatics Complex in Coronado will be closed to swim meets because of safety/liability concerns due to its crumbling pool deck.  The deck will most likely need to be replaced later this year. This will affect the upcoming CNSA AB Meet in June and the Long Course Junior Olympics in July.  Both meets will now need to find alternate pools, which is no easy task at this late date and with the usually busy summer schedule of most long course pools within San Diego county. More information to follow as it becomes available.

written by docbailey

4 Responses to “Coronado Pool Closure to Affect Upcoming CNSA AB Meet and Junior Olympics”

  1. 1. DP Says:

    I’m sure this is a very difficult task. Alga Norte Pool in Carlsbad could be a good choice.

  2. 2. Bob Says:

    Poway swimming center would be great if it is available.

  3. 3. Greg Spire Says:

    DP and Bob, those are great pools and we have looked into them. The problem in the summer is the city pools have great summer programming and it is difficult to cancel and/or modify schedules at this late of date.

    Greg Spire
    Vice Chair – Administration
    San Diego – Imperial Swimming

  4. 4. Melissa Says:

    I’m sure you have already considered this, but is granite hills high school an option?

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