Jun 24

The LSC has decided to award 25 free tickets to the local premier of The Last Gold: The Greatest Untold Story in the History of Olympic Swimming.  Since our LSC is run by volunteers, we ran a raffle to award the movie tickets where the raffle tickets were allocated to the wonderful volunteers that make our LSC great.

Note that the local premier requires a minimum number of tickets sold prior to the deadline on June 30th in order for the movie presentation to occur.  If the minimum number is not met, the movie will not be shown.  As of June 24th, 30 of the 89 required tickets have been sold.  If you are considering going, please reserve your tickets!

Raffle Details

There are 3 main categories of raffle ticket allocations.

  1. Teams get 2 raffle tickets each, plus more for hosting open LSC swim meets during the current swim season.  For each meet hosted, a team gets 10 raffle tickets, plus 5 additional for each session in the meet.  Most meets are 2 sessions, so the host team would get 10+(2×5) tickets for a 2 session meet.  Each team gets to determine how any won tickets are distributed.
  2. Each committee member receives a raffle ticket.  If a person serves on multiple committees, they receive one raffle ticket per committee.
  3. Officials get 1 raffle ticket per session officiated during the current swim season

This resulted in 990 raffle tickets (would have had ~1000, but I withdrew all of my personal raffle tickets).  Teams got 413 raffle tickets, committee members got 48 tickets and officials got 529 raffle tickets (Wow!  529 sessions officiated this summer!).  Overall odds of winning a movie ticket are 25/990.

Raffle Winners

I generated the raffle tickets and selected the winners via a spreadsheet and random number generator.

WinnerNumber of ticketsWinnerNumber of tickets
CAST4Bob Horne1
IVDA1Tim Marsh1
MRA2Nestor Moran1
SBA3David Nelson1
Rolly Roper1FAST1
CNSA1Fiona Paiz1
Janet Dubnansky1Rich Cosgrove1
Chris Dudley1John Smigal1
Carlos Davila1Chris Smith1
Matt Boese1

Please let me know if you cannot use the tickets and I will pick the next raffle ticket on the list.  Teams should select who should receive the free ticket and notify me of the selected names.  I will also be notifying winners via email. The tickets available at the movie theater on the day of the show, between 6:15-6:45 (Movie starts at 7:00).

Let me know if you have any questions. kevindlee@gmail.com

written by Kevin Lee

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