Jun 12
  • San Diego Imperial Swimming will be selecting two All-Star teams this summer.
  • The first will be the 14 and under Western Zone Team that will be competing in Roseville California August 9-12.
  • To be considered for selection on the team swimmers must have achieved at least two of the 2017 Western Zone time standards; those who have achieved at least five standards will automatically be selected to the team as long as they have turned in their application by Saturday July 29.
  • There will be a max of 48 swimmers selected for the team. The 13-14 year old swimmers will travel as a team. The 11-12 year old swimmers will have the option to travel with the team or with their families. All 10 and under swimmers will travel with their families. The cost will be $700 for those swimmers who are traveling with the team.
  • Those swimmers who travel with their families will be eligible for a stipend of up to $600 dollars.
  • The second team that is being selected will participate in the North American Challenge Cup; NACC.
  • The meet will be held at UCSD August 4-6. This will be prelims and finals meet with All-star teams from Southern California and Mexico.
  • The cost will be about $250 per swimmer. The meet will be only 11-18 year old swimmers. The time standard for the 11-14 will be that the swimmers will need to have at least one 2017 Western Zone time standard.
  • For the 15-18 year olds they will have to achieve the time standards below to apply. There will be eight (8) swimmers selected for each age group. Swimmers who make the team will be staying as a team at UCSD dorms with meals being provided.
Girls15-18 LCMBoys
29.4950 FREE26.72
1:03.54100 FREE58.10
2:17:60200 FREE2:07.10
4:53.32400 FREE4:36.79
10:19.73800 FREE9:39.99
20:04.821500 FREE18:53.54
1:14.53100 BACK1:09.78
2:43.43200 BACK2:32.15
1:25.42100 BREAST1:19.09
3:05.91200 BREAST2:56.21
1:10.07100 FLY1:04.53
2:48.78200 FLY2:39.77
2:37.20200 IM2:25.12
5:46.98400 IM5:24.61
  • It is the intent of San Diego Imperial Swimming to first fill the Zone All-star team with eligible swimmers that are 14 and under. Those swimmers who do not make the Zone team will then be selected for the NACC meet.  For the 15-18 year old swimmers, the intent is to select the best team from those swimmers who apply for the team.
  • Applications for both teams will be available on the SI website by the middle of June 2017.  

For any questions please contact Sean Redmond; SI Swimming Age Group Chair; at seanmary@aol.com

written by Kevin Lee

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