Nov 06

The nominating committee has presented the following slate for the elections that will be held at the House of Delegates Meeting on November 27th at Qualcomm Building S Cafe,  5535 Morehouse Dr. San Diego, 92121, starting at 7:45PM.  For posts with only one name listed, the candidates are currently running unopposed.  Candidates can still be nominated from the floor at the HOD meeting.

General Chairman

  • Kevin Lee (No Affiliation – Non Coach) – elected in 2015, completing 1st term out 2 term limit

Administrative Vice Chair

  • Sally Taggart (RSD – Non Coach)


  • Rich Cosgrove (RSD – Non Coach)

Technical Vice Chair

  • Mary Redmond (Fallbrook)
  • Pete Murphy (PAC)
  • Paul Mazzerelle (RSD)
  • Scott Lawson (ICAC)
  • Dave Kilmer (CAST)

Age Group Vice Chair

  • Kristyn Evans (NCA)
  • Pete Murphy (PAC)
  • Tom Paradowski (SBA)

Senior Vice Chair

  • Dan Peck (PS)
  • Tom Paradowski (SBA)

Safe Sport Chair

  • Sean Redmond (Fallbrook)

Registration Chair

  • Deanna Rupp, elected in 2015 serving 1st term out of 2 term limit

Athlete Representatives

  • Maria Davila (SBA) (Elected in 2016)
  • Erin Taggart (RSD) (Elected in 2016)
  • Open
  • Open

Athlete Representative Nominations to fill the 2 open slots:  Takato Timmerman (PS), Noah Snyder (PS), Leanna Gharbaoui (PAC), Hannah Marsh (PAC), Teagan Preston (NCA), Noelle Harvey (NCA), Stephen Lukeshev (RSD), Amelia Cho (RSD), Juli Arzave (SBA), Elisabeth Lundgren (SBA),Olivia Ouyang (WSST), Romain Vergniault (WSST)

written by Kevin Lee

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