Swimming in College

Congratulations to the San Diego Imperial Swimmers who are transitioning to the next phase of their swimming careers!

Here are the graduating high school students in the class of 2017 and the colleges they will be continuing swimming.

SI 2017 Collegiate Swimmers

NameSI ClubYears in SICollege
Dominick WallaceWSST12United States Naval Academy
Jessica PentlargeNCA9University of Nebraska
Marcelo Ohno-MachadoNCA9Brandeis University
Morgan GiordanoCAST8California Baptist University
Jake DanzerPS12U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Micah ToetterPS10University of California, Santa Barbara
Winnie ChenRSD8United States Air Force Academy
Emileigh StockSDY5Fresno State
Parker SealeWSST11University of California, Santa Barbara
Lorenzo DeLeonNCA6Univerity of La Verne
Brendan SantanaPS10University of Notre Dame
Ciara FrankeWSST12University of California, San Diego
BennettWSST12University of California, San Diego
Julee Keenan RiversNCA9University of California, Santa Barbara
Sukhman SinghNCA7University of Chaica
Jacob CardenasWSST4Chapman University
Alix LeslieNCA12Occidental College
Aaron TiceRSD2Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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